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Finnish Forces

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Finnish Forces

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Kosovo Force

Peacekeeping in Kosovo

The Headquarters of Kosovo Force (HQ KFOR) is located in Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo. It supports a NATO-led mission of 4 Multi-National Brigades, 34 nations and more than 17,000 peacekeepers in their effort to provide a safe and secure environment for all citizens living in Kosovo. All the Brigades fall under a single chain of command under the authority of Commander KFOR which is NATO-led.

The Multinational Brigade Centre MNB(C) is deployed in the central of Kosovo. The area has a population of approximately 1 million. In the northeast there is an Administrative Border Line with Serbia and the Brigade has responsibility for 2 boundary-crossing points. MNB(C) has its Headquarters in Lipljan and covers the areas encompassing Pristina, Podujevo, Kosovo Polje, Glocovac and Stimlje. MNB(C)'s mission is to establish and maintain a safe and secure environment.

Finland is currently (2005) participating in the KFOR mission with a force of approx. 450 soldiers. The FIN BG is composed of the Headquarters and three companies located in various bases. The Headquarter, Headquarters and Logistics Company (HQ&Log Coy) as well as the Recce Company are in Camp Ville, near the centre of Lipljan. A-Coy is based north of Lipljan, near the village Suvi Do

Finnish peacekeeping units are especially created for each operation from voluntarily personnel. The majority of the personnel, 86% are enlisted soldiers. They have at least around one year of national military service and refreshing training in Finland. In addition to that they have special training for the peacekeeping task they are about to join. Their competence is completed by the versatile knowledge the reservists have from their civilian professions.