Montreal September 1999


Image 1

Centre-Ville de Montreal

Image 2

Image 3 Image 4 Image 5
Concordia University My appartment building

Image 6
Montreal Rally
Image 7
Top of The World

Image 8
International students (CISA) daytrip
Image 9
The Canadian way of canoeing (i.e swimming with the canoe)

Image 10
...more activities...
Image 11
...and party of course !

Image 12 Image 13


Image 14 Image 15
Matthew, Pipsa, Melisa and Timo Silvere, Celine, Cecilia, Christophe, David, Corine and Augustin

Image 16
Pipsa, Melisa, Corine, Me and Roman

Image 18
NHL: The Montreal Canadiens
Image 18
Enthusiastic spectators

Image 19
VP Executives of The Concordia International Student Association

Image 20
River St.Laurent

That was just September in Montreal - the fun goes on ! Feel free to comment in the Guestbook or email me !

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