Marseille, France

Spring 2001

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My school - Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Beach time !

Image 5
My parents visiting

Image 6 Image 7
The Platans In Paris with friends: Corine, Melisa, Kristof, Harold and Mathieu

Image 8 Image 9
Parking in the "French way"... Les Calanques

Image 10 Image 11
The schools beach party ... ... Toga party

Image 12 Image 13
Last party - Barbeque at our place ... ... The Belgium group

Image 14 Image 15
Melisa A picnic in the Provence countryside

Image 16
The International Business Program 2 Class of Spring 2001:
Ben, Eric, Raul, Peter, Jason, Tom, Mallika, Du, Benoit, Katleen, Steven, Geert and Mona

That was life in Provence, France. Had a great time and hope to be back someday ! And of course met a lot of great people - it wouldn't of have been the same without you !

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