Spring & Summer 2002

Image 1 Image 2
Summer cottage views in spring 2002

Image 3
Vappu in Helsinki

Image 4 Image 5
Waiting for "Mantan lakitus" with Tomi, Hanna, Ville, Tuomas & Janne. My sister

Image 6
Heidi & Maria

Image 7 Image 8
Vappu day picnic at Kaivopuisto. Sun, fun & champagne...

Image 9
Views of Kaivopuisto

Image 10 Image 11
Midsummer's eve at Tuomas's summer cottage Laura, Maria and me

Image 12 Image 13
Essi, Johanna & Hanna Our special guest Belinda from Colombia!

Image 14
Midsummer "night" at about 4 am.

Image 15 Image 16
Dinner party a la Maison de Platan a Olari! Jani, Essi, Samu, Jukka, Me, Suvi and Pauliina

Image 17 Image 18
Boat trip to a nearby island... ... island views

Image 19 Image 20
My father and sister on our terrace Relatives at my grandparent's place

Image 21 Image 22
Running the Helsinki City Marathon in August 2002: 42,2 km in 3hrs 30min 26sec !

Image 23
Jep, that's me wearing my current "job uniform"

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