"A glimpse into the life of the winning team"

22.2 - 1.3.1999

Image 1
Typical French party (?).
Image 2
The Mediterranean

Image 3
Taking a refreshing swim at Cannes ...
Image 4
Nice and us !

Image 5
Image 6
Sunshine, beach, bikinis ..

Image 7
Try ordering a coffee in French..
Image 8
Nice (it is) beach boulevard

Image 9
Dream team: Samu, Janne & Tuomas
Image 10
Me and my future car

Image 11
Big cannon !
Image 12
Golf at its best

Image 13
French cuisine
Image 14
Sunset boulevard ...

Image 15
Monaco Casino & the winning team !
Image 16
Jetset life at Monaco

Image 17
Torrino street life...
Image 18
Reaching the top ...

Image 19
... of Grenoble.

Fujifilm - "simply more advanced"
These pictures where originally ordered from a photo shop in the conventional format on paper and also direct on diskette. However I was suprised when discovering the poor quality of the pictures on the diskette. They haven't really paid much attention to the quality when transfering the pictures from the normal paper ones into computer images. Just take a look at this comparison with the original picture straight from the developing company and the same picture after my time-taking and tiring computer modification.

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