22.1. - 25.2.2002

Image 1
Flag of Ecuador

Image 2 Image 3
Street life in Lago Agrio on the way to the jungle... ... getting on a canoe at Guyabeno National Park.

Image 4 Ant Image 5
Exploring the river Amazonas... ... and the jungle !

Image 6 Image 7
Views of Guyabeno National Park
Image 8 Image 9
Happy campers! A dog and his best friend - a monkey!

Image 10


Image 11 Image 12
Heading out to fish some piranhas! Catch of the day: a Piranha

SunImage 13Sun

Swimming with Piranhas!

Image 14
Image 15
A "friendly" Tarantella spider at our campsite. Indiana Jones back from the Jungle...

Image 16

The Pacific Coast of Ecuador

Image 17 Image 18
At Montanita beach and some beers!!! Streets of Montanita and buying some beverages...

Image 19 Sun Image 20
Time to do some extreme surfing !!! Senor Haila!

Image 21 Image 22
Relaxing in hostel hammock. Isla De La Plata, the Beach and Senor Platan.

Image 23


Image 24 Image 25
Horseback riding at Fernando's ranch. Tired adventurers: Janne, Peter and Tuomas.

Image 26 Image 27
THE LAST PARTY NIGHT AND PARTY ESSENTIALS!! Sisters Maria Carmen, Carolina and Michelle...
Image 28 Image 29
... getting jiggy with Fernando... ... party people... great stuff !!!

Image 30

Ecuador as experienced by (from left): Jani, Michelle, Peter, Tuomas, Janne, Carolina and Samu.

Four weeks of adventure, experiences and great people in beautiful Ecuador! Thanks to Michelle, Carolina, Maria Carmen, Fernando, Sara and everybody else for their help and valuable guidance! We'll be back soon!

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