May and June 2000

Image 1

Colombia, South America

Image 2 Image 3
Villa de Leyva Hot water baths at Paipa

Image 4

San Andres Island in the Caribbean


Image 5 Image 6
The Beach with Sandra, Tuomas and Melisa Sightseeing...

Image 7 Image 8

Time to PARTY !!!

This is a picture taken besides a "blow hole" in San Andres - i.e. a hole in the ground that channels a burst of air through it when waves hit the adjoining rockcliffs at the shoreline...

Image 9

DRAW YOUR MOUSE POINTER OVER THE PICTURE to see the effects of this "small" burst of air ... !! .. where did the sun glasses dissapear ????

Image 10 Image 11
Villas in the Zona Cafetera near Pereira

horseImage 12
Horseback riding along mountain tops...

Image 13 Image 14
Magnificent views !!!!

Image 15 Image 16
The "house" parrot ! Down to serious business ...

Image 17 Image 18
Commercial street in Bogota Melisa, Belinda and Oscar (our wonderful hosts)

Image 19 Image 20
Colorful local flora Golf at the Military Club in Bogota

Image 21
Sunset ...

Thanks to everyone in Colombia for their warm hospitality !! You have a tremendously beautiful country with potential resources for achieving anything. It was the best summer I've ever had and I hope to be back soon !!!

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