May and June 2000

Image 1

Bogota, Colombia

Image 2 Image 3
The residential area

Image 4 Image 5
Bibiana, Sandra, Melisa and Felipe Me, Juanfri and Titi

Image 6
Downtown Bogota

Image 7
City of 7 million inhabitants

Image 8 Image 9
Exclusive dining on top of Mt.Monserrate con Señor Jorge, Señora Marina y Señorita Melisa Forero

Image 10 Image 11
Typical street in Bogota Park around 93rd street

Image 12 Image 13
Phillipe, Melisa, Ines, Me and Sandra Melisa, Belinda and Tuomas enjoying a beer

Image 14
Lake Guatavita

Image 15 Image 16

Image 17
Countryside outside Bogota

Image 18 Image 19
Going out for dinner ...

Image 20 Image 21
Rifle practice ... Tuomas and me in Bogota

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